C1880 An Important French Signed Silver Bronze Table Centre

C1880 An Important French Signed Silver Bronze Table Centre

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W: 63.5cm (25")H: 3.7cm (1.5")D: 35cm (13.8")

£2,950.00 Approx $3743.65, €3410.4

C1880 An Important French Silvered Bronze Table Centre Signed by the Silversmiths Boin - Taburet A Paris 39127 12.

Surtout de tables in the Ribbon & Reed Pattern.


The two French goldsmiths George Boin and his son-in-law Emile Taburet created around 1875 in Paris the company Boin-Taburet. They made many silver pieces inspired by the beautiful services of the eighteenth century. At the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878, Georges Boin presented a “service de toilette” inspired by the work of François-Thomas Germain (1726-1791), and then at the Universal Exhibition of 1889, several epergnes, including one of them executed after drawings by the famous artist Juste-Aurèle Meissonier (1695-1750), as well as tea sets of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. Boin-Taburet firm also exhibited a tureen and platter after Pierre Germain’s one (1645-1684) for the Jockey Club, located then on Scribe street in Paris in 1863. Through its lavish events to various international shows, Boin-Taburet company contributed to the revival styles of the eighteenth century.